Who are Crossroads volunteers?
Crossroads volunteers, also known as Crossroaders, are an amazing group of global minded people who support Crossroads International’s work through volunteering. Each year, we recruit, train and send volunteers on placements to southern and western Africa, as well as South America. A Crossroaders’ mandate is not to provide direct services but to share their specialized knowledge and skills with their partner organizations and communities. Crossroaders work with a local organization and get to experience first-hand the culture, community and the challenges faced.

The contributions and passion of our volunteers is vital to the success of Crossroads International’s programs. Crossroaders bring diverse skill sets and experiences to their placements. Whether part of long-term projects to empower girls to end abuse in Swaziland; investing in youth to address unemployment in Mali; or transforming women’s work into decent jobs in Niger, the work of Crossroaders leads to tangible improvements and successes.

Today’s Crossroaders are a part of a rich tradition of volunteers who have sought to foster meaningful change in the world through their involvement with Crossroads International.

WHY Crossroads international ? »
For over 50 years, Crossroads International has fostered cross-cultural learning and understanding. Crossroads is unique among Volunteer Cooperation Agencies in its focus on developing partnerships, and building capacity to create a more equitable and sustainable world. Together, partners and volunteers establish and implement concrete solutions to address systemic inequalities and injustices over the long term.

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Crossroads International, Crossroaders, and donors like you are working to create lasting solutions poverty and inequality. Your donations are vital. Donations allow us to continue our work with overseas partners and Crossroaders. Please support a Crossroader today, and join their journey to create a better world for all.

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